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About Puppies

Keep your dog’s coat healthy / Tips for your Dog’s coat

Dogs do a lot themselves when it comes to keeping clean, but as a responsible pet owner it goes without saying that a little help goes a long way. There are many factors that can affect a dog's coat.


Dental Health for your Dog

Dogs can develop gum disease, tooth infections and other dental problems, just like us. Bad breath is caused by a build up of bacteria in the mouth due to overgrowth of tartar.


Travelling with your puppy

You may want your dog or puppy to travel with you on occasion. In all likelihood, you will have to transport your puppy in the car too; even if it’s only to take them to your Vet.


Puppy grooming

As much as you pride yourself on your own appearance, so too does your dog. Dogs and puppies will groom themselves to a certain extent but no matter what breed of puppy you have,


Your puppy's health

Several serious diseases in dogs can be prevented by vaccination. The schedule for puppy vaccinations, plus an annual booster will be advised by your Vet.


Puppy nutrition and diet

Not unlike human babies, puppies need to be fed the right diet to ensure they grow up fit and strong. A balanced, nutritional diet can pave the way to a long, happy and healthy life for your four-legg...


Scent training

Dogs and puppies alike are blessed with noses far more sensitive than a human’s. They have an amazing ability to sniff scents that we can’t smell,


House / Toilet Training your Puppy

Nobody wants to come home to find a little present from their puppy on the carpet. Teaching your new friend a few rules around the home can quickly pay off


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