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General Wellbeing

About General Wellbeing

Your pet's health is not just about what you can see on the outside.

When cats fight

Every night in hundreds if not thousands of streets around Australia, you can hear an unmistakeable and unforgettable sound breaking through the nocturnal silence: an epic, no-holds barred catfight


When dogs bite

If you’ve ever watched puppies playing together, you’ll have noticed how much mock fighting they do.


Dog Allergies

While many allergic symptoms appear to be seasonal because they coincide with spring and summer – a time when many plants are in bloom and their pollen is airborne.


Preventing zoonosis

Essential tips to prevent parasites passing from pets to people.


Cats can have allergies too

Is this the first time you’ve seen your cat grooming itself obsessively or is it a recurring condition that seems to be getting worse? The answer could be an allergic reaction.


Getting the most from vet visits

Tips and tricks to find a good vet, and to help ensure your pet’s health issues are addressed.


Cat Exercise

How do you know if your cat could benefit from being more active? The first thing to establish is if your cat is of the ‘indoor/outdoor’ type or ‘indoors-only’ variety


Active, energetic or hyperactive dog?

On the whole, most dogs were originally bred to carry out specific tasks such as herding sheep or cattle; guarding homes or large properties; hunting; or retrieving game.


Helping dogs cope with the cold

If they’re exposed to too much cold weather, dogs quickly become uncomfortable, and they’re also susceptible to hypothermia and frostbite. Here are some precautions you may need to take over winter.


Helping cats cope with the cold

There’s no mistaking that winter chill in the air, and cats feel it too.


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