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Dog protection

About Dog protection

Your furry hound won’t want to worry you, but there’s a good chance he is coming across nasty parasites during his daily adventures. Want to know what parasites they might find and how to protect your pet and family?

Kiltix Tick Collar for Dogs

Kiltix gives your dog fast acting, long term tick control.


Drontal Allwormer for Dogs

Now there’s an easy way to protect your dog and family from worms. With Drontal Allwormer Chewable - a proven treatment that eradicates all gastro-intestinal worms in your best friend.


Advocate for Dogs

Advocate not only treats parasite infections, but monthly treatment can help protect your dog against fleas, heartworm, gastrointestinal worms, mites and lice.


Advantix for Dogs

Just one Paralysis tick bite can prove fatal. Protect them against Paralysis ticks and biting insects before they bite with Advantix for dogs.


Advantage for Dogs

Advantage is the fastest relief from fleas for dogs and not only kills fleas fast, it acts on multiple flea stages to rid infestations too. Find out how Advantage fits in with your pooch’s lifestyle.


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