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Adult Cats

About Adult Cats

Grooming your cat

Anyone who’s ever seen a cat go through its rigorous cleaning process will know that these are creatures who take a huge amount of pride in their appearance. Cats are naturally clean creatures and


Keep your cat’s coat healthy / Tips for your Cat’s coat

A cat's coat is not only lovely to stroke and touch, it’s functional too. Cats have very dense coats which help give them sensory data about the world around them and protect them from the cold.


Dental Health for your Cat

Having bad teeth can cause all sorts of other problems for your cat such as kidney or heart disease, so looking after your cat’s mouth is vital


Looking after your cat when you go away

We all need a holiday and this hard-earned privilege should not exclude pet owners. It simply means taking a bit of responsibility and ensuring your cat gets the right care while you’re away.


Indoor and Outdoor Cats

You may decide to keep your cat indoors, as outdoor cats are more prone to territorial disputes and accidents, not to mention disease. However, whether you want your cat to stay indoors


The dangers of Cat-Scratch Disease

Cat-scratch disease (CSD) is an unfortunate hazard of owning that cute and cuddly cat or kitten. It can be particularly nasty in children.


What's the deal with catnip?

‘Crazy’, ‘childlike’, ‘mad’, ‘loopy’... These are all adjectives which have been used to describe a cat affected by catnip.


A little litter training

As with any living creature, you never know when the call for nature might strike. Even if you have an outdoor cat, a litter tray for your fuzzy house-guest


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